What you should know...


- Cage

- Water

- Baths

- Cuttlebone

- Food

- Safety

- Plants



A cage, large enough so I can stretch my wings, climb and play comfortably. Different perch sizes and textures (2 or 3) to keep my feet healthy and at least 3 different toys so I dont get bored.


**Health Alert **Please place my cage in a safe environment away from drafts and open windows. I am very sensitive to smoke and strong odors. I should not be placed in the Kitchen. Teflon is toxic to me and should be banish from my environment


Fresh WaterPlease place fresh water in my cage available at all times, I could survive a day or 2 without food but just a few hours without water. My bowls needs to be cleanned up properly to avoid bacterial prolification and algees. 


Baths,  Provide me with a birdbath 2-3 times a week.  I like warm water.  You can also gently mist warm water on me from a clean spray bottle.  This would help my plumage to develop properly and to be healty. It also good for my skin


Cuttlebone, this is a very important source of Calcium for me. I should not drink milk and dairy product should be limited to the maximum.  So this will be my main source of Calcium.  Please make sure that I always have one.




A balanced diet would be made from pellets or a seeds-pellets mix and fresh food. There is a lot of various information on the internet about parrot diets. I will develop more on that topic in Nutrition section but...  The most important point to keep in mind is that the bowls need to be refilled every day. Be sure to check my food every day and remove empty seed hulls.  My bowl may look full but it is not. I dont want to starve to death.


Toxic Food

-Uncooked egg





Safety, Use caution when handling me, I am friendly but I may bite or scratch especially if I am stressed. Dont leave me unsupervised around children.


Wash your hands before and after handling me and after cleaning my cage.



Plants, If you are not sure if a plants is safe, don't let me come into contact with it. Some commonly kept houseplants are quite toxic. the following are partial list of unsafe and safe house plants:




-Bird of Paradise                               


-Elephant's Ear                                  

-English Ivy                                        












-African Violet


-Christmas, Easter Cactus


-Jade Plant


-Spider Plant

-Wandering Jew


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