Sun Conure (Arantiga solistalis)

A little about me...


 - I can live approx 25-30 years


 - I am very smart, affectionate, curious, playfull and sociable that is why I am such a good companion, But...


 - I have a very loud squawking compared to my small size.  Like many parrots, I am a determined chewer, and require large wooden toys to chew on.  I need a lot of interaction every day, and with good life habits, we could become very good friends.


 - I can mimic humans with the ability to pick up words and phrases but I am not known as a very good speaker. 


- I  enjoy playing on the floor, making foot toys appropriate for me. 


 - I usualy sleep all night in a nest, I may enjoy having a fleece hut in my cage.




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