I am now offering grooming services, this include wing clipping, beak and nail trimming 


Wing clip, nail trim, & beak trim for:


Small size parrots  (Budgie, Parrotlet, Lovebird)



Medium size Parrots (Cockatiel, Conures, Quaker, Senegal Parrot...)


Large size Parrots ( African grey, Amazon..)



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You are going away and can't bring your little feathery friend with you, I can board your pet at my home and give him the same care that if he was mine. 

Prices will depend on the length of the stay. 



Per Day  $20

Weekend (Friday evening to Sunday) $30

One Week $60

Two Weeks $100

Three Weeks $150

One Month $175


** Get $5 discount on grooming service when you bring your pet for boarding**



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DNA Sexing submission


You would like to know the gender of your bird, I can take a blood sample from a cut toenail, an submit it for genetic analysis to determine the sex of your bird. The lab fee is $15.00 + tx, and I charge a $5 handling fee to provide this service.


** no handling fee if sample is taken when you come in for grooming**


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