The pellet is the most balance and nutritionaly complete food you would find in pet stores for your bird. 

A balance diet would be pellets as a main diet, and a lot of variety in their snacks.




Birds love seeds, but it is deficient in many important vitamins and minerals. Most bird won't eat anything else and only pick out their favorite seed and shovel the rest of the seed out of the dish. They won't eat the veggies and good things that they should when they are on a seed diet. 



In complement of a pellets diet,  you can use the guide below to create balanced Snaks to offer to your bird.


Bread and cereal group (50%)


Whole wheat bread or toast, rice, couscous, corn, pasta, cheerios, Rice krispies, cooked oatmeal. Seeds would be part of this group but only in small quantity and offer as a treat with your hand not in is bowl.


Vegetable (40%)


Carrots, squash, sweet potatoes, brocoli spinach, kale, chard, romaine lettuce...

dandelion greens from your yard if it hasnt been sprayed


Fruit (5%)


Birds love most fruits, but they don't really need a lot of it. their body produce it's own vitamin C.  Fruits are like a nature's candy, a sugar and water treat.  Acidic fruits such as orange should be limited to only once or twice a week in small quantity


Protein (5%)


Birds needs some protein, but not too much.  Cooked chicken and fish, beans and peas, hard boiled or scrambled egg (NOT RAW)  and dairy products , hard cheese, yogurt.



Remove fresh snacks from your bird cage at the end of the day









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