A little about me...


 - I can live approx 12 years


 - I am smart, I can learn some tricks and commands. Try with step up and step down, that would be a good start.


 - I am the social type, If I am alone in my cage, you will be my other half.  At least 30 min of interaction per day will     make me happy.


 - If I am bored, I may get very loud, that is my way of getting your attention.  Toys will provide me a great distraction.


 - Dont get mad at me if I dont talk or whistle, that's not part of my abilities.  Some individuals may be exceptional, but I may not be one of them.


 - I am small but it seems that nothing scares me. I see myself bigger than I avoid painfull bites, learn to read my body language, and respect me when I dont want to be handled.

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