Green Cheeks Conure

(Pyrrhura Molinea)

A Little about me...


- I can live approx 15-20 years


- I am a great first time pets.


- I  have a reputation for being noisy, but I am one of the quieter conures, so I am a wonderful pets for apartments or condos.  

- I have a lot of personality, I am very active, smart and inquisitive. Lots of time out of the cage is a must, even if it's only hanging out on a play stand in the same room with you.


-Interacting with me is great,I love to have my head scratched, cuddle, laying on my backs playing or hanging upside down in my cages. I am a very social birds, affectionate and I love having your attention, but I can also entertain myselves for hours.


- I love to play with toys. Leather and wooden toys are a must, as I love to chew.


- I am not a great talker, but I can try to say a few words or phrases, by mimicking sounds.

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